Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Inside the Social Media: A Beginners Look

Over the past few weeks I have been doing some research on Social Media…Social Media Today. What I have found is that Facebook and Twitter are two big keys to business opportunites online. My Twitter site has been updated with some personal information and I have decided to use We Follow which is a User Powered Twitter Directory to search and find the right kinds of people to follow on Twitter. I’ve found everything from actors, to social media bloggers, even the President and John McCain are on Twitter — although I doubt they do much Twittering, the most likely leave it to staff if at all.
Some of the other sites I found very useful in finding my place in the Twitter Universe are listed in this article: 8 Excellent Tools to Extract Insights from Twitter.
It amazes me that Twitter, now three years old, has so many online applications where you can see so many different things. One, listed in the article above is Tweetstats - where you can truly see how addicted you are to Twitter…all you have to do is enter your username and it gives you enough breakdowns on your use to fill your brain for a hour.
I feel I am just getting started here with Social Media and from the looks of it, with all the sites out there it’s not too late to take a few minutes to explore what is out there. I do voiceover work for a living and even found a ‘Twitter Business’ site: Twibs.com. The possibilites seem almost endless, all you have to do is look. In my searches the past few weeks I also found some great blogs to follow, of which a lot of the writers are on my Twitter page and I am following, not only for their writing and the blogs that they read, but also for the ‘life nuggets’ they share as well. Many of the people that I follow, follow me in return, and many of them are entrepreneurs. You can see who I follow by going to My Twitter site and clicking on that panel.
Some of the other sites I have been ‘playing around’ with include LoadedWeb, a site where you can identify your location, and also hook up with other Twitterfolk from your local area; and Twollow, where you can enter keywords and when a Twitter uses those words in their post, it will let you know and you can choose to be their friend. (Great for following a particular industry or group)
Check out some of the sites above if you haven’t already and thanks for your time. I am always looking for more followers on Twitter as well. :) I'll continue to write about things I find out there to help make us all a little more successful.


Justin Phillips is Production Director for radio stations in Eugene, Oregon. He also does freelance voiceover work. His details are listed below.


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